Sint Eustatius



March 25, 2016:

The project on Sint Eustatius with more than 6.000 solar panels has been finalized! Eco Energy built this in collaboration with SMA and Schletter, and the park is generating 3.8 million kWh per year.

Up until March 2016 the island´s power supply was fully based on diesel gensets. By integrating 1.9 MWp of PV power and 1 MW of batteries with the SMA Fuel Save Controller 2.0, the local utility company is now able to reduce its fossil fuel consumption significantly by up to 30 percent and save more than 800.000 liters of diesel fuel and 2,200 tons of CO2 per year.

The project fully integrates three different energy sources on a large scale that work together in a harmonized manner: solar power, battery storage and diesel gensets.

The project is designed to generate enough clean solar power to cover more than 25% of St. Eustatius’ annual electricity demand of 13.5 GWh.


The Sunny Central Storage 1000 integrated into the SMA Medium Voltage Power Station 1000 enables a measured solar fraction of up to 88% during sunshine hours and supports the grid with stability functions such as frequency regulation, ramp-rate control for smoothing PV power fluctuations and optimization of diesel genset operation.

Rapid movement of clouds in this region, in particular, leads to extreme fluctuations in solar power generation which constrains the integration of large-scale photovoltaics into diesel-based grids. That’s why using large-scale storage systems is meaningful for this application as they minimize the impact of fluctuating energy sources on diesel generators.

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To read more about the project, click here.

VIDEO – Project St. Eustatius finished!

Here are some pictures of the work activities done:

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