According to the current solar policy on Bonaire, customers are not allowed to connect installations to the grid. The reason that this is not allowed is because (according electricity supplier WEB ) of the current conditions of the network delivering power back may cause grid failure.

Off- grid systems
It is possible to install off-grid systems. With the off-grid systems the installations are not connected to the electricity supply but are using battery systems. For a quotation please contact us.

New legislation
Currently they are working on new regulations by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands in alignment with WEB and other stakeholders in Bonaire on the generation and use of electricity feed-in to the grid. These new regulations will be recorded in the ‘ regulatory framework electricity Caribbean Netherlands ‘ , this new regulation will come into force  expected on January 1, 2015.

Click here to ask for an off -grid system quote or for more information about the options on Bonaire.

See pictures of the first successful project in Bonaire .

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