Solar Pool Pump

Solar pool pump

With the Lorentz solar pumps, you will be guaranteed of a clean pool with and a low energy bill. These systems are suitable for small private residential pools, as well as for large commercial swimming pools. Eco Energy has a lot of experience when it comes to installing solar pool pumps. We can always offer a suitable solutuion for your pool. For a not binding offer we advise you to come by our renewed showroom in Zeelandia or contact us by mail or by phone. Click on the icon below to see a demonstration.


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Systematic Pump Setup
For pools up to 50m3 (8x4x1.5) 2 solar panels
Average savings per month ANG 123*
System price ANG 5512,-
For pools up to 100m3 (12x6x1.5) 3 solar panels
Average savings per month ANG 245*
System price ANG 6572,-
For commercial pools 6 solar panels
Average savings per month ANG 550*
System price ANG 13.621,-
15 Meters pump + 4 solar panels ANG 6050,-
30 Meters pump + 5 solar panels ANG 6750,-
50 Meters pump + 6 solar panels ANG 7500,-
  • Prices of the pool pumps do include installation costs and 6% ob.
  • Prices of the deepwell pumps do not include installation costs and mounting.
  • The average monthly savings may be different for each location and is based on a running time of the pump of 8 hours per day.
  • Prices apply to a distance from the panel to the controller of max. 15 meters and a simple installation of the pump.
  • The additional costs for the parallel installation of your existing pump is ANG 350,-.