Solar tracking system

With our high-precision solar tracking systems, you are able to raise your system return up to 45%. This efficiency is further increased by the multiple functions of the corresponding solar park. Thus, the area under the tracking system can be used for example, just as usable area for example, agriculture, parking facilities or the creation of a nature reserve. Click on the icon for a demonstration


The construction

The construction of the solar tracking system is created in a way that it will last for over 20 years. Therefore the German designer and manufacturer used the best materials available and only the best trained staff.

Swifel system

In cooperation with SMA Solar Technology AG we have developed a control unit which is able to turn the solar panels in the most ideal angle towards the sun, up to 0,1 degrees accurate. Therefore your system will always perform as efficient as possible. This control unit is compatible with the SMA communication systems that are used worldwide.


Continuous monitoring of the system while using a web connection makes sure that our service employees do not have to be at the installation to detect possible problems. Eco Energy is able to run your system from our office in Zeelandia and when it is needed we are always ready to solve your problems. Please feel free to contact us or come by at our renewed showroom to receive a custom made informal offer.