Solar Panels - Business

Also for companies Eco Energy has saving solutions. We already have the experience with business installations, we already have a solar panel systems installed at the Naval Bases Parera and Suffisant , Goisco Center and Goisco Supermarket . We guaranty that your operational costs can be reduced with our energy saving solutions. The price of the system is determined by the number of kWp the system can generate. Even the type of roof construction and of the system plays a role .

Example Company:
Electricity per month: 2,780 kWh
Roof : Flat roof ( alugrid )
To cover the entire bill with solar panels , there are in the design 84 panels of 250W and one inverter needed . The system has a capacity of 21 kWp . The price of the system is calculated using the capacity that the system can generate .
Such a system would cost NAF 82.950 , –

savings NAF 29.122 , – per year .

Payback of the installation is + / – 2.8 years
* prices may vary due to additional parts or labor.

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