• Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Obviously you have already got the sun for free, the only other thing you need is the technique to convert the sunrays into solar energy. Eco Energy offers this technique in many packages to suit everyone’s budget and energy demands. With the technology we offer it is even possible for you to turn your energy expenses into energy revenues!

  • LED lighting

    LED lighting

    LED-lighting is an inexpensive alternative for your regular light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and outdoor lighting. The main benefit of LED-lighting is the fact that it is up to 80% more energy efficient than regular light bulbs. Without losing any quality of light you can bring down the costs significantly using LED-lights. Please feel free to visit our renewed showroom to come see our complete range of LED products.

  • Monitoring


    Both your small and large installations can be centrally managed and monitored with the SMA monitoring systems we provide. Obviously this will save you a lot of time and money. With these systems you are always able to access your most important data and when something is wrong with the system it is possible for Eco Energy to intervene directly.

  • Solar Pool Pump

    Solar Pool Pump

    With a solar powered pool pump your pool will be cleaned throughout the day while using just solar energy. Depending on the size of your pool a few solar panels will be installed on your roof and connected to a specialized solar powered pool pump. Through this system your pool will stay perfectly clean at all times without any extra energy expenses.

  • Solar Power Diesel

    Solar Power Diesel

    In cooperation with the German company SMA, Eco Energy is able to deliver a custom made fuel saving solution consisting of solar panels and diesel generators. With sufficient sunlight these installations are able to run on just solar power. The diesel generators will automatically turn on in less sunny periods (such as at night) so your energy supply remains the same the whole time. Hereby your industrial installation can save fuel by using the free sunlight. Using this system means you don’t need any connection to the regular energy grid anymore. Thereby this system is perfect for companies and residential in places where the access to the regular power grid is limited.

  • Solar Tracking System

    Solar Tracking System

    With the use of our solar tracking system you will be able to increase your solar installation’s efficiency by up to 45%. Through this system your solar panels will always be in the most ideal position pertaining to the sun. Through this you will be able to gain the optimum efficiency from your solar installation.

  • Tankless Waterheater

    Tankless Waterheater

    The Rheem tankless water heaters provide the comfort and convenience of having a continuous supply of hot water. This water heater can warm up to 6.4 gallons of water per minute, and this perfect for houses with multiple bathrooms and appliances such as a dishwasher or washingmachine that uses warm water. The heater does not consume much energy, since it works on gas, and does not contain a pilot flame either. It can be easily installed by a plumber, so you can enjoy a warm bath again.

  • Battterysystem BAE

    Battterysystem BAE

    Since 1899 BAE stands synonym for quality and reliability on the market for industrial lead-acid batteries. Nowadays BAE is an independent medium-sized company with a well established position in the international battery market. BAE excels in its customer orientation and quality is our hallmark. Eco Energy offers the BAE batteries in differnt sizes: 8.83 kWh, 10.65 kWh, 14.46 kWh and 24 kWh. The BAE lead-acid batteries don’t need inspection. The BAE batteries have to be in an area with a temperature of 23 degrees for the best durability.

  • Batterysystem BMZ ESS 7.0

    Batterysystem BMZ ESS 7.0

    BMZ is a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions. Within only a few years, BMZ has established a leading position in the fast growing lithium-ion accumulator (rechargeable battery) market. Custom designed batteries developed and manufactured by BMZ are reliable and used worldwide in many different applications and products. The battery has an expected durability of 20 years. Eco Energy offers the BMZ battery from 6,74 kWh up to 40,44 kWh.