Since Eco Energy started in 2009 we have been the expert in durability. Eco Energy was Curaçao’s first solar energy providing company and since then we have grown rapidly.

  • We are the market leader in Curaçao
  • Have installed 203 residential clients
  • Have installed 51 business customers
  • 4,411 panels installed residential
  • 17,629 panels installed at business

In 2012 alone we have been installing over 12.000 solar panels on Curaçao. We believe in durability and therefore we have equipped our business with solar panels, LED-lighting and we are in possession of one fully electric car. Our assortment includes solar installations, pool pumps on solar energy and LED-lighting. Our staff is always ready to guide you through our renewed showroom and show you the possibilities Eco Energy has to offer. Feel free to come by to see our complete assortment.

  • 2009

    Eduard Ravelo founded Eco Energy in 2009. The motto is: Energy Savings Solutions. In 2009 Eco Energy offered the following products: pool pumps on solar energy, residential LED lighting, Pool LED lighting, water heaters working on gas instead of electricity and solar panel systems.

  • 2010

    In 2010, there was no policy from Aqualectra that people could deliver back to the grid. However there were a few pioneers who already dared to cross boundaries. Storing the energy back in batteries was the only possible way to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

  • July 2010

    Halfway through 2010 the new building at Saturnusstraat was taking shape. Two employees came to reinforce the team.

  • 2011

    The team continues to grow further. Two interns were offered permanent employment after they completed their education. Also a new General Manager, Eelco Baak, was appointed to lead the team.

  • 7 november 2011

    The policy was approved by the Parliament of Curaçao. This means that it was made possible for solar installations to deliver back to the grid.

  • 23 december 2011

    Due to the continued growth of the team the Saturnusstraat was already getting too small. Eco Energy moves to its current location at the Kaya WFG Mensing z/n in Zeelandia

  • 1 january 2012

    The policy goes officially in effect. This was the beginning of a new revolution, this was evident by Eco Energy in the increasing sales of solar panels.

  • Early 2012

    In 2009 the team consisted of only 2 people. In early 2012, the team consisted of 9 people!

  • April 2012

    Eco Energy installs 2821 panels by the supermarket chain Goisco with a total capacity of 663kWp.

  • Juli 2012

    Eco Energy switches to the mounting materials of the German brand Schletter. Still we choose only top 10 manufacturers of solar panels and uses only the inverters of market leader SMA.

  • March 2013

    Eco Energy installs at Supermarket ‘Centrum’ 624 panels with a total capacity of 146kWp and ‘Centrum’ Mahaai 2760 solar panels with a total capacity of 648 kWh

  • April 2013

    Eco Energy installs at Naval Base Parera 2669 panels with a total capacity of 734 kWp.

  • April 2013

    Eco Energy installs at Naval Base Suffisant 618 panels with a total capacity of 170kWp.

  • November 2013

    Eco Energy begins installing at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The installation consists of 2.803 panels with a total capacity of 715 kWp.

  • End of 2013

    Eco Energy continues to grow and at the end of 2013 consists of 19 employees!

  • January 2014

    2 extra employees join the team of the technical department and there is room for an extra trainee.

  • May 2014

    Eco Energy is looking abroad! They’ve already made installations in Nicaragua and on Bonaire.

  • September 2014

    Eco Energy has installed 2100 solar panels on the Mangusa Hypermarket. These panels have a total capacity of 640 kWp and they have a total production of 1,0 million  kWh.

  • July 2015

    Eco Energy is going to install 1177 solar panels on different roofs of the Acoya Hotel. The panels will have a total capacity of 300 kWp and the panels have a total production of 0,456 million kWh.

  • July 2015

    In July 2015 Eco Energy has signed a contract for a solar park on Sint Eustatius. Eco Energy is responsible for this park. The total park will consist of 6.000 solar panels with a total capacity of 1,8 MWp and a total production of 3,8 million kWh.

  • Juli 2016

    Eco Energy also signed for phase two of the project at Sint Eustatius. In phase one, Eco Energy installed 6000 solar panels and in phase two this will be even 7000 panels more. This way Sint Eustatius will run about 50% on solar energy!

Eduard Ravelo

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Edward is the founder / director of Eco Energy and the heart of the business that was made. Originally he obtained a university education for Aircraft Mechanic and Pilot. In these occupations are precision and safety paramount. Eduard therefore demands quality and precision of his team. This is reflected in the work of Eco Energy. Eduard is very dedicated to Eco Energy and is determined to provide solar energy to Curaçao and surroundings.

Eelco Baak

General Manager
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The right hand of Eco Energy. A workaholic with a passion for the cause. Every day we can find him at work to manage the day to day operations. A man who knows the business from head to toe. Through his Bachelor degree Power Engineering his knowledge of the solar business has accumulated. Also has he experience as Team Leader and Energy Advisor at Eneco Business. Every day he shares his experience and knowledge with the rest of the staff. Eelco also takes courses from our suppliers include SMA and Schletter. Because of Eelco Eco Energy runs like a well oiled machine that runs faster every day.

Gertrude Gruppen

Employee office staff

As an employee in Purchase Gertrude is responsible for the purchase of solar panels, LED lighting and there comprehensive administration. Because of her knowledge (MMO C, NIMA A and B, Insurance B) she can create an excellent bargaining position for the company with the largest suppliers. Partly because of her knowledge and experiences from her past work At the Rabobank.

Silvester Koeijers

Planning Engineer / Technical Assistant

Silvester was the first member of the Technical Department at Eco Energy. Daily Silvester takes care of the planning for the other guys. Thanks to his special training HTS Energy and work experience as an electrician at various installers, he knows exactly what it takes to be well prepared on the job. And he is still improving himself by following a Technical High voltage installation training. He does this next to his work at Eco Energy. Thanks to his perseverance and enthusiasm the team starts every day with the right equipment.

Elimelech Alves

Senior PV Installer

Eli has grown at Eco Energy from PV installer to senior engineer. Nowadays he doesn’t only install, but he also has the responsibility to keep an eye on the group during an installation. Thanks to his education, MTS with specialism Electrics, Eli knows exactly how to guide and help the boys during a job. He also continues to improve himself by also following the Technical High voltage installation training. He does this next to his work at Eco Energy.

Dennis Benillia

Planning Engineer / Technical Assistant
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Dennis is part of our technical staff. One of those people who doesn’t give up but just get the job done. Thanks to his HTS training and experience as a PV installer you can notice the professionalism and dedication. He also continues to develop himself by following the Technical High voltage installation training. He does this next to his work at Eco Energy. Dennis is one of the people who recoils at nothing and is only satisfied when the customer is satisfied. A person full of passion and love for the company.

René Spaans

Planning Engineer / Technical Assistant

One of the employees that you can find on the roof or in the office. In the office you can find him designing the installations and on the roof he installs them. René has over 15 years in the electronics and solar installations. He has followed several courses of T.S.I. and SMA. This experienced veteran has earned his stripes within the company and is still learning every day.